The Tabaxi Regiment

4-4. Fydak, Nails, and Mac

In Tengpoche, an orphan street rat named Mac is caught stealing breakfast at a restaurant near the Thane’s manor. He is saved by his sometimes employer, Parker. Parker promises Mac a silver to bring a noble named Dray Arwyll to the Church of Creativity, there to meet with him. Mac heads to the docks to look for Lady Arwyll.

Fydak, a mercenary from Xaw, is brought to the ship Salty Drider to meet with Tony the Tave. Tony offers him a job to assassinate a man named Bydern Fletcher, who apparently stole “a quarter of a gil” from Tony’s organization. Fydak is given a brief description but refuses the money upfront.

Dray, Zayna, Eddin, and Aden return to the Jade Turtle for some rest, running into Fydak at the gate, who overhears Aden refer to Eddin by his last name, “Fletcher.” Fydak is spotted by the group and they head into the inn together — followed by Mac, who has been watching from the shadows. Fydak warns Eddin that he might have a bounty on his head. Eddin, knowing the description matches that of his brother, says nothing. Mac listens in outside of the room, but is discovered by Zayna and caught in Eddin’s net.

When Mac learns that he’s been spying on Dray, he informs her of Parker’s orders. They rest and have breakfast before setting out. Eddin finds his brother at the inn and warns him that there is a price on his head. Bydern laughs it off until Fydak backs up his claim.

The Church of Creativity is a temple to Carsathix, the Avalonic Shade of Trickery. The entire inside of the church is enchanted in a chromatic wash. Within, Parker gives them instructions as to how to access the Tave Warehouse undiscovered — through the Alienage.

Before Mac can take them there, they get the proper papers from Captain Malinda Korburg, and release Odogg from the dungeons (he was arrested for assaulting a lute player). As Mac leads them through the alleys, they are ambushed by three Taves who say they are here to collect Fydak’s head. During the scuffle, they hit Odogg and Dray with powerful necromantic magic — Odogg is turned to ash. Eddin kills one of the unconscious Taves and they drag another to be interrogated.

As soon as the Tave wakes up, he speaks and Dray’s injury burns — the scars on her face turn black. Eddin fires an arrow into the man’s throat, and they leave him there. They head to the alienage, where the guards hesitantly let them pass through.

Inside the Alienage, they encounter oddities beyond their reckoning – beastfolk and humans alike speaking all manner of strange tongues. They meet with a clan of lycanthropic leopards, who mention that one of their clan, Zorden, died in the sewers — the cadets know a different tale, but they keep their superior officer’s secret. The leopard-folk recommend that anyone attempting to navigate the labyrinth bring Nails, a pit-fighter, with them.

The cadets discover Nails, a gruff and scrappy human, fighting an orc in a makeshift arena. He wins the fight. He gladly joins the cadets for a fee. They descend into the sewers and traverse the labyrinthian corridors towards the Tave warehouse. They fight some crocodiles and some Taves, and sneak into the lair of a monstrous lizard. It wakes at their approach and attempts to turn them to stone with its gaze. After a daring fight, they slay the vile creature. Draylene loses her greatsword, but finds another in the treasure hoard – the sword has a gem that looks like an unblinking eye. The others take their fill of coins and gems.



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