Mudore is a large desert region of humans on the Midmoon Continent. Mudore is bordered by Alma to the north, the Rupal Sea to the east and south, and the Walking Sea to the west. The southernmost tip of Mudore connects to the Tomb Reef, they call this Bahr Al-Izdiham (“the Crowded Sea”).

The lands of Mudore comprise an estimated 1.5 million square miles, although the northern Afdol Desert could be a great deal larger or smaller – it is difficult to map. The southern mainland and the coasts are less arid and feature lush plant life, such as doum plants, lotus trees, mulberry trees, sicamores, and palms. In many parts of Mudore, only seasonal streams, or wadis , exist. In the south-central lands, however, a few rivers are strong enough to flow year-round, crossing the desert until they spill into the sea. Along their wide, muddy banks the Empire settled – only their crumbling temples and underground warrens remain.

Since there are so many nomads and wild men throughout the realm, an exact population is hard to ascertain, but geographers estimate the size of the nation at roughly 9 million.


After meeting their northern neighbour Alma, Mudore quickly adopted the Burning Age calendar and the countries made a quick peace. However, in the first century, that peace was brought to an end. The Caliph’s younger daughter, Princess Juleida, eloped with her sister’s betrothed, Prince Hubard of Alma. Both the Caliph and the King took up arms, and rebels around the country who supported the elopement fought back. This began the War of Three Tongues, which culminated in the formation of a third state, Peñapesara.

Mudore continued to grow in prosperity until the reign of Alma’s infamous Zealot King, who waged the first of what would be many Crusades in the land. These Crusades came to a head in the late tenth century, when the brother of the Caliph – Kamwar al-Assad al-Zahir (known as the “Rogue Prince”) – waged war on both Alma and Mudore with an army of northern Mudorans and desert giants. The war culminated with the creation of the new state of Vascone, led by Sultana Nania bint Ahrood.


The Mudoran Military is made of roughly 300,000 noble and common Mudorans (known as Bahadurs and Askars, respectively). There are twenty-six divisions of the military united in service under three chief commanders who serve the Grand Caliph. Divisions are further split into contingents, companies, and squads.


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