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Welcome to the Tabaxi Regiment, a drop-in game for players (newbies and vets) of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

This Wiki is the complete public guide to Tabaxi. The wealth of information can be daunting, so for players interested in a quick refresher of the story so far (and its pertinent data) this website also features an Adventure Log (desktop users may consult the list to the left; mobile users1 will find a pencil icon under the menu) with the appropriate links embedded therein.

Whether you are a noble, peasant farmer, feral beast child, or merchant sailor, you know a thing or two about the cycle of the seasons, and everyone knows that there are two Suns and a giant planet in the sky most of the time. These celestial bodies and the relevant calendars are detailed in the section called Time and Space.

For studious characters, information about the realms of Tabaxi is available at the Fort Diamir church library, or from tavern gossip. But what better way to start than with the world map? Below are the four nations of Tabaxi: Alma, Loslia, Mudore, and PeƱapesara.

There are also the Seas


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