The Kingdom of Loslia is a small sub-tropical peninsula in the southern hemisphere of Tabaxi, comprising just over 75,000 square miles of land. It is part of the Tomb Reef, bordered on the east by the Rupal Sea, on the south by the Sea of Lost Winds, and to the west, the dangerous Choking Mountains.

The tropical realm is laterally bisected by a jungle-covered mountain range. The Bane Mountains are filled with barbarians, monsters, and natural hazards. The mountain chain acts as a border between the Kingdom’s two provinces: the northern Xaw and southern Fortigar.

Loslia has a population of 2.4 million, most of whom are under fifty embers of age. The lands outside of the cities are dangerous, particularly near the region’s tropical forests and mountains, as the natural (and some say unnatural) predators stalk the wilds.

Loslia’s connection to the northern realms of Alma, Mudore, and Peñapesara usually means that it is enflated on world maps, sometimes appearing twice its actual size.


Loslia is ruled by an underage King, ward to a Regent, who rules over the provincial governments from a third province, Chersonnes. The two provinces are each ruled by a noble house that has sworn fealty to the King. The provinces are divided up into smaller thanerics, and so forth.

Loslian King

The soul of the king, cursed to die in youth, continues to be reborn in Loslia, so says the Council. Each time he is reborn, he lives only a few years before dying again. The current king is Aldous Loslia CLXXVIII (the 178th) who is eleven years old – one of the oldest kings in history.

Loslian Regent

The Regent oversees matters of state while the King remains underage. The Regent is elected by the Council of Avalon, and serves until retirement or death. When there is no Regent (assuming the King is still underage) Loslia enters a “Provincial period” whereby the Marquises are the de facto heads of state. It is therefore in the best interests of the Council of Avalon to elect a new Regent hastily, lest tensions escalate into civil war. The current Regent is Rex Trueflight, elected in 975E. He has served during the time of several kings.

Council of Avalon

The Council of Avalon is the religious branch of the Loslian government. An oligarchy of six high priests who answer directly to the head of the Church of Avalon (the Archbishop of Waltz) and the King of Loslia. Each of these priests has the title “High Councillor” and is ranked above the bishops of Loslia. The council oversees matters of church and state, not only naming priests and bishops but also electing a Regent when needed. Among their duties is the task of finding the reincarnated soul of King Aldous Loslia whenever he dies and is reborn (this happens every 2-12 embers.) The council resides in Chersonnes Tower.


The LRM, while technically a federal institution, is split into two forces that protect and serve Loslia’s respective provinces. Each province’s military is headed by a General (Army) and Admiral (Navy) who answer to the Marquis.

In both cases, peasant yeoman make up the bulk of the military, with each citizen of Loslia required to perform three months of service annually, or else pay a levy of twenty silver pieces for career officers.

The insignia of the LRM is a tower with a single window and pointed crenellations – intended to represent the mighty tower of Chersonnes but failing to capture its awe-inspiring majesty. Military officers bear the insignia on their breastplates, shields, or officer’s uniforms. Basic infantry (privates, yeomen, and marines) bear the basic insignia, and higher ranked officials have specially marked badges featuring bars, stars, and other details marking their status.

The Loslian Army

The Loslian Army comprises all the land-dwelling infantry, guards, and officers serving under the provinces of Fortigar and Xaw.

At a given time, there are 10-12 thousand basic units and 500-or-so corporals and sergeants divided between the two provinces, each with another 200 or so higher ranked officers. This number varies wildly as the intensity of monster attacks changes from ember to ember.

Private officers and yeoman are typically designated as city watch and as warrant and customs officers. Particularly skilled or hardy soldiers are sent to scout the wilds for orcs and demons. Ranked officers usually have several tours of the Bane Mountains under their belts, and are known to range from time to time.


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