Avalon is the arch-god of Good. His domain envelops all domains. His divinity is ever present, giving life and light in the darkest places. He is the Creator (whereas the enemy, Malfador, is the Destroyer). Avalon is heavily worshipped throughout Alma, Loslia, and Peñapesara, and the faith of these three realms is united under the Church of Avalon – an institution that performs deeds and rites in the name of god.


Avalon enacts his will in different ways throughout the cosmos, and these energies are seen as Lesser Gods and spirits, representative of a facet of god.

Deity Align Domains Symbol
Avalon G Light Ankh
Aylewend, the creator NG Life Dove
Carsathix, the trickster CN Trickery Dancing Cow
Feydria, the lover CG Nature Lentil Pod
Michelis, the chivalrous LG War Winged Sword
Rhito, the smith LN War Anvil
Thrhihim, the storm CG Tempest Raincloud
Vatic, the scholar LG Knowledge Fish


Aylewend is the goddess of Life, the eternal breath, the beacon of hope, the healer of the sick, the killer of death. She sends the wind that grows the crops. She is Peridot’s light during the dark winter. Her colours are blue and gold.

Clerics of Aylewend are permitted to have sex, provided that it is within the laws of both Alma and, if applicable, whichever realm they are in.


Carsathix is the Avalonic god of Mischief. He is a merry instigator, a meddler, and a constant challenge to the accepted order among gods and mortals. He has never challenged Avalon, however, and is more than often seen stirring unrest among the Malfadoric gods. He is generally associated with the image of a dancing cow.


Feydria is as varied as the natural world itself. She is the thickest forest, the highest mountain, and the deepest sea. She is the spring awakening, the unspoken fellowship, the blooming of flowers, and the gentle rain. Her constellation is a swollen lentil plant, as she was born from such a pod.

Clerics of Aylewend are permitted to have sex – they have the same regulations as Clerics of Aylewend, but the goddess of Nature tends to attract the lascivious type.


Michelis is the Avalonic God of War. He makes heroes of ordinary people. He is present for moments of excellence and courage. He watches over warriors and rewards them for their deeds. He is himself a champion of honour and chivalry, and is known to appear at battles of great import.


Thrhihim is the Avalonic God of Tempests, who was once a Dunram man, a barbarian called Rhihim. It is often said that he is Feydria’s husband, while some legends say that he is Feydria’s father, for he planted the lentil pod that gave her life.

Other legends say Thrhihim is one of the god Rhito’s two parents, but potential “mothers” range from Feydria to other gods to human men.


Vatic (pronounced either Vah-teek or Vah-teece ) is the God of Knowledge. He is the puzzle-solver, the confession-keeper, the translator, and the teacher. He is the truth, and the revelation that leads to enlightenment. He is the known enemy of luck, for he is the paragon of surety.

Three bright stars signify Vatic’s presence in the cosmos, overlaying a brilliant blue and orange nebula. This picture is of an overflowing urn.

His realm, Akashea, is an endless and eternal library where rest the Akashic Records, the tree of life, and the angels and spirits of the faithful. When the nebula shines in the sky, it is possible for the living to convene with the divine knowledge contained within Akashea.


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