The Tabaxi Regiment

4-3. Trouble in Tengpoche
Dec. 10 - 14, 999E

Beatrix is asked to remain in Fort Diamir with Marquis Horatio Fortigar, and Lt. Goodwin is loathe to let the cadets chase the foreign Captain’s sword around the countryside during the Deep of Winter. Beatrix deduces that the thief would likely travel to Tengpoche – a southron port city where hot merchandise is traded with ease. A few days pass. Meanwhile, priests of Avalon flood into the fort. Iness asks the head priest, Father Fleance, about a book called the demonomicon. Father Fleance cautions against “that tome of great evil” unaware that Iness has the book in her pack.

An excuse to travel to Tengpoche reveals itself – a few yeomen are carrying supplies from Lt. Wainwright to trade with the merchant vessels there. Zayna, Eddin, Odogg, and Iness are their escort. They travel by horse and cart, riding south on December 10th.

A few days later, Draylene and Aden are given an assignment by Lt. Goodwin. They’re to head to Tengpoche and return with a mercenary named Fydak. Draylene is given a promisary note and special orders. Aden also meets with Colonel Victor Tybeam, head of the Intelligence Division. He says Aden is one of a few cadets who have captured the attention of the espionage branch of the Loslia Royal Military. While in Tengpoche, he is to search for information about any merchants who may be associating with demonic forces. Dray and Aden take chocobos and ride off the roads. Draylene falls asleep on her watch and the two are robbed in the night.

The horse and cart is ambushed under the light of the Lesser Sun – the lizardfolk strike hard and fast, killing one of the yeomen. Iness fights bravely, and dies in battle. While searching the bodies, Zayna finds the demonomicon and conceals it, telling no one, not even Eddin, about her find.

The cadets on chocobo catch up with the horse and cart on the 14th, and they all arrive in Tengpoche. The guards at the gate instruct the cadets to check in with Captain Korburg – an order that only Draylene follows. She goes to the guard house inside an ancient white wall on the west side of town. There, she meets Lt. Braxton (a middle aged, slightly palsied, sweaty man) and Cpt. Malinda Korburg (a late-twenties, freckle-faced, direct, and icy woman). For information on mercs, Cpt. Korburg directs Draylene to Captain Parker, head of Tengpoche Intelligence. Of course, Dray will have to find Captain Parker in town, and he is not an easy man to find.

Aden and Odogg head to an inn. Aden investigates the merchant companies in town (the big names are Seabull Traders, Peridot Trading Co., the Tave Trading Co., and Lost Winds Trading Co.) He also looks for mercs by the name of Fydak, and if any bandits have come through town. He picks up a few leads and heads for the docks. Odogg drinks and plays darts.

Eddin and Zayna head towards the docks, passing a street performer juggling swords. In an attempt to be funny, Eddin attempts to shoot one of the swords out of the air with his crossbow. It goes horribly wrong, cutting off the performer’s fingers and causing him to fall on his head. Zayna rushes to help while Eddin disappears into the dark day, quickly changing his appearance.

The party convenes (minus Odogg) at the docks. Aden has taken a room at the Jade Turtle, the rest are investigating at the less reputable Whiskey Ronald. Presenting Dray as a noble looking to buy, they speak to the captains of every ship planning to leave port this week, including Tony, captain of the Tave ship Salty Drider, and Parader de Lovestay, a foppish Peñapesaran on the small pleasure boat Mortal Lute with several strange contraptions on board.

Aden breaks into the warehouse of the Peridot Trading Co. but finds nothing suspicious.

At the Whiskey Ronald, Zayna runs into an old friend – Lazenal – who lost his Peñapesaran citizenship several embers ago. They spot the woman from the barbarian camp – Aden and Dray spy on her. Her name is Shin de Leridas, she booked passage with Parader de Lovestay and leaves on the morrow. They hatch a plan to search her room for the sword. Aden keeps her distracted for a few minutes while Zayna searches her room. Eddin waits in the alley watching the room window, while Dray acts as lookout for the upstairs hallway. Shin refuses Aden’s offer for a drink, and attempts to return to her room, only momentarily halted by Dray. Zayna escapes the room in the nick of time, but Shin collects her things and attempts to sneak out the window, noticing Eddin.

A brief skirmish occurs, with Shin using the full extent of her magic to try to slip away. Aden orders the seizure of Parader’s ship in the name of the Marquis. Zayna leaps from a second floor window to tackle Shin, but misses and falls to the ground. Dray is quickly at the mouth of the alley, and arrows soar through a cloud of fog, many hitting their target. Shin attempts to escape into the back alleys of the town, but Eddin catches her with a net.

The party interrogates her. She reveals that she already sold the greatsword to Tony the Tave – it was how she got the money to book passage with Parader de Lovestay. She knows that the Taves are the unforgiving sort, and begs that the party allow her ship to depart immediately. They do so, but send Lazenal the old ex-patriot back to Peñapesara with her. Aden finds Lt. Braxton and calls off the seizure of the ship.

The Mortal Lute sets sail, and the mechanical devices transform it into an airship, which takes off into the dawning of the black planet.

4-2. Captain Beatrix and the Marquis
November/December, 999E

A rumour has been spreading amongst the cadets: the Marquis is planning a trip to Fort Diamir. Training continues. Aello attacks a shopkeeper and is thrown in the dungeons.

Mattias, Qhari, Barton, and Bahl go ranging outside of Fort Diamir, supervised by Crp. Zorden Fir. They kill some orc scouts and discover a horde building a siege tower. They return and report to Lt. Goodwin, and being making preparations for the coming eclipse — the last month of the year, when orcs oft attack the realm of man.

Mattias plans with Cpt. Wainwright, plotting locations for land mines. He also drafts up an exploding arrow, which is still taking some time.

The following day, the orcs attack — earlier than expected! In the light of the sun, they are easy targets for the cadets on the northern ramparts.

Bahl is thrown from the ramparts by the kickback from a heavy crossbow. Barton is knocked out when a siege tower unloads orcs over the wall. Iness is injured loading a cauldron of oil up Tower 4 with Aden. Geradil is grievously wounded by a javelin. Eddin lights a third siege tower ablaze with a flaming arrow. Mattias uses a rope to swing forth from the wall, planting RDMs on the wheels of the two remaining siege towers. The towers explode and the surviving orcs flee. The wounded are seen to.

Four cadets are tasked with riding out to meet the Marquis and his private guard on the road. Avery, Eddin, Naku, and Zayna ride chocobos south, camping and travelling together. Lt. Goodwin instructs the cadets to keep an eye on the roguish Naku – if she attempts to flee, she is marked for death.

Near Brunet Fenn, they come across the Marquis’ escort – dead on the road. The only survivor is Beatrix, a one-eyed captain from the northern province of Xaw. The cadets are wary of Beatrix at first, who tells them that the Marquis and the General of the Fortigar Provincial Army were captured by barbarians, and taken north into the Bane Mountains.

Tracking the barbarians into the jungle, the party battles with a shambling mound. The chocobos flee into the woods, and Avery is grievously wounded. In the battle, it becomes clear that Beatrix is a martial master and has a magical talent for healing. As they camp, Beatrix tells them her tale: she is from the “Warplands” – from a distant world – tossed in a storm and spirited away to Tabaxi. Like other outlanders, she was put in an alienage in Wageqai to learn customs and the common tongue, until she was deemed fit for service and enlisted. She has carried her greatsword, Save the Queen, with her always, it is a sword of great power, but the barbarians must have stolen it while Beatrix was knocked out.

Avery shares her story as well, her father was a soldier and she wanted to follow in his footsteps. Eddin says little about himself, save that he grew up in Ribbonwood. Naku says even less about herself. Zayna simply says that she grew up in Lankhmar, and for the last few embers has shared yeoman duties with her sister, Cecily.

They continue north, finding the barbarian’s watchtower (and neutralizing it). They scale a cliff to sneak into the barbarian’s camp. They find the general in a crow’s cage, as well as a Peñapesaran woman whom Naku knows from her past. Naku insists they rescue her as well. “She spared my life when she didn’t have to.”

They free both prisoners and infiltrate the barbarian’s treasure hoard. General Cradlehands recovers his walking stick and armor. As soon as the Peñapesaran woman is dressed, she disappears into the night. The party finds the Marquis, but are discovered by the barbarians. They fight their way out of the camp and flee into the night. They travel through the dark jungles as the winter eclipse begins.

Upon the safe arrival of the Marquis to the Fort, Captain Beatrix announces her intention to return to the barbarian camp to look for her sword. The protestations of the other officers do not sway her. Zayna and Eddin volunteer to help. Naku is sent on a top secret mission for the Intelligence division, and disappears from the fort. Lt. Goodwin assigns cadet Draylene Arwyll to join them. They travel through Ribbonwood. They stay at Eddin’s home – a large house near market square with an expansive shooting range in the backyard. Eddin’s brother is a bowyer who recently inherited his father’s trade, but is not presently in Ribbonwood. Instead, the party meets Eddin’s mother, who hosts them for the evening.

They approach Camp Sabretooth from the path, but something is not right. The barbarians are all dead, and orcs have taken over the camp. The party is overwhelmed by the horde, barely surviving. The blue orog leading the horde is killed by Eddin. There is no trace of Save the Queen, but Zayna spots bare footprints leading south from the camp. They deduce that the sword was carried off by the mysterious Peñapesaran.

4-1. In the Army Now!
Spring, 999E

This log serves as a timeline of game events, so they will be edited as the sessions overlap and interweave.

In the Spring of 999E, twenty cadets walk, ride, and limp into Fort Diamir, a fortress in the south-central foothills of Bane Mountains. Here we are introduced to an array of Player Characters (PCs) and their fellow cadets. Lieutenant Rast Goodwin, in charge of Fort Diamir’s training program, assembles a roster of able warriors from across the province of Fortigar.


Name Age Sex Class Priveleges Player
Aden Shadowheart 30e M Ranger Full Jason
Aello ??? F Barbarian Full Chloë
Avery Scott 18e F Fighter Full NPC
Barton Hürst 40e M Fighter None Raes
Courana 16e F Fighter Full NPC
Draylene Arwyll 18e F Fighter Full Sarah H
Eddin Fletcher 23e M Fighter Full Chris
Geradil 16e M Fighter None NPC
Iness 23e F Fighter Full Alberto
Lothaedric Reime 18e M Ranger Full Clayton
Mattias Dyross ??? M Rogue Full Melody
Naku 26e F Rogue None Sarah B
Odogg 32e M Barbarian Full NPC
Qhari Bass 20e M Rogue Full Angie
Sviiv 40e M Barbarian Partial Aaron
Tempus Graysmith 30e M Ranger Full Miya
Zayna LLyr 24e F Rogue Full Emma

The lead trainer, Staff Sergeant Ironside, gives a rousing speech about “Discipline and Spirit.” Also present for the inaugural address is the old Fortigar General, Alarbus Cradlehands (no cadet has yet asked about his unusual name).

The cadets spend several months training with Sgt. Ironside and other trainers: Crp. Zorden Fir (archery) Crp. Dirk Lionsbane (heavy weapons) and Crp. Candle Lum (sword and shield). Their wounds are tended to by Dr. Kaida, and practice weapons are supplied by the Master-at-Arms, Damonol.

Halfway through training, they receive a transfer cadet from the northern province of Xaw.

Name Age Sex Class Priveleges Player
Bahl 15e M Fighter Full Ryan

As autumn approaches, the cadets begin their survival training, which culminates in a dangerous mission: survive the night in the nearby ruin of Veranda…

Naku, Bahl, Geradil, and Avery travel deep into the mines – although Naku tries to stay behind, Avery convinces her to stay with the party where she’ll be safer. Bahl gets the drop on some lizard men, and they slay them, returning to the fortress the following day.

Draylene, Aden, Iness, Mattias, and Aello use explosive technology (provided by Lt. Wainwright) to tunnel to uncharted wings of the Veranda ruins, crossing deep chasms and discovering gold and treasure. Aello is knocked out in a skirmish with orcs on a wide and ancient stairwell.

Eddin, Zayna, Lothaedric, and Odogg explore a labyrinthian complex of rooms and halls, fighting a variety of monsters. The barbarian Odogg is gravely injured by a spider. They encounter zombies and ancient statues of dwarves.

Barton, Sviiv, Courana, Qhari, and Tempus split immediately. Sviiv and Barton construct a lean-to and hunker down for the night. Qhari, Tempus, and Courana discover a tribe of lizard folk, and narrowly escape on an ancient mine cart, discovering dusty dwarf skulls and treasure in the western depths.


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