The Tabaxi Regiment

4-1. In the Army Now!
Spring, 999E

This log serves as a timeline of game events, so they will be edited as the sessions overlap and interweave.

In the Spring of 999E, twenty cadets walk, ride, and limp into Fort Diamir, a fortress in the south-central foothills of Bane Mountains. Here we are introduced to an array of Player Characters (PCs) and their fellow cadets. Lieutenant Rast Goodwin, in charge of Fort Diamir’s training program, assembles a roster of able warriors from across the province of Fortigar.


Name Age Sex Class Priveleges Player
Aden Shadowheart 30e M Ranger Full Jason
Aello ??? F Barbarian Full Chloë
Avery Scott 18e F Fighter Full NPC
Barton Hürst 40e M Fighter None Raes
Courana 16e F Fighter Full NPC
Draylene Arwyll 18e F Fighter Full Sarah H
Eddin Fletcher 23e M Fighter Full Chris
Geradil 16e M Fighter None NPC
Iness 23e F Fighter Full Alberto
Lothaedric Reime 18e M Ranger Full Clayton
Mattias Dyross ??? M Rogue Full Melody
Naku 26e F Rogue None Sarah B
Odogg 32e M Barbarian Full NPC
Qhari Bass 20e M Rogue Full Angie
Sviiv 40e M Barbarian Partial Aaron
Tempus Graysmith 30e M Ranger Full Miya
Zayna LLyr 24e F Rogue Full Emma

The lead trainer, Staff Sergeant Ironside, gives a rousing speech about “Discipline and Spirit.” Also present for the inaugural address is the old Fortigar General, Alarbus Cradlehands (no cadet has yet asked about his unusual name).

The cadets spend several months training with Sgt. Ironside and other trainers: Crp. Zorden Fir (archery) Crp. Dirk Lionsbane (heavy weapons) and Crp. Candle Lum (sword and shield). Their wounds are tended to by Dr. Kaida, and practice weapons are supplied by the Master-at-Arms, Damonol.

Halfway through training, they receive a transfer cadet from the northern province of Xaw.

Name Age Sex Class Priveleges Player
Bahl 15e M Fighter Full Ryan

As autumn approaches, the cadets begin their survival training, which culminates in a dangerous mission: survive the night in the nearby ruin of Veranda…

Naku, Bahl, Geradil, and Avery travel deep into the mines – although Naku tries to stay behind, Avery convinces her to stay with the party where she’ll be safer. Bahl gets the drop on some lizard men, and they slay them, returning to the fortress the following day.

Draylene, Aden, Iness, Mattias, and Aello use explosive technology (provided by Lt. Wainwright) to tunnel to uncharted wings of the Veranda ruins, crossing deep chasms and discovering gold and treasure. Aello is knocked out in a skirmish with orcs on a wide and ancient stairwell.

Eddin, Zayna, Lothaedric, and Odogg explore a labyrinthian complex of rooms and halls, fighting a variety of monsters. The barbarian Odogg is gravely injured by a spider. They encounter zombies and ancient statues of dwarves.

Barton, Sviiv, Courana, Qhari, and Tempus split immediately. Sviiv and Barton construct a lean-to and hunker down for the night. Qhari, Tempus, and Courana discover a tribe of lizard folk, and narrowly escape on an ancient mine cart, discovering dusty dwarf skulls and treasure in the western depths.


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